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Friday Night Crops! Movie Crops! Pizza Crops! Bunco Parties!

We have Friday Night Crops! $5ea ( 6-12am) Bring a friend and crop the night away in a safe and fun enviroment. We have lots of food and Coffee places around so forget cookin and get Scrappin! Come in and sign up or call to reserve. Space is limited!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Here are just a few of the great Classes we have coming. Something for everyone!!! Get your Christmas crafting started early. Sept will be a fun month with lots of crafting. C'mon in and take a look we have them here to look at!

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  1. 3rd time's a charm, Kristin! Finally got the link to work, so you're all 'official' on my blogspot! When are the signups for the HOME class?