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Friday Night Crops! Movie Crops! Pizza Crops! Bunco Parties!

We have Friday Night Crops! $5ea ( 6-12am) Bring a friend and crop the night away in a safe and fun enviroment. We have lots of food and Coffee places around so forget cookin and get Scrappin! Come in and sign up or call to reserve. Space is limited!

Friday, April 30, 2010

Friday Night.....Yeah! Enjoy and be safe. Thank You for all your support. We love our customers and this is why we do this!
Hi Everyone!!! So Excited to have a new blogspot to keep connected with you. We are so excited about our new store and hope you are aswell! We have a new look and a fresh approach to scrapbooking! We hope to have lots of new stuff for you on our site and a list of classes and projects!

Scrappy Chic